The majestically golden Immortelle fl ower, also known as Everlast, has for long been believed to have anti-ageing properties. Small wonder, given its name and its ability to stay fresh for a long time even after being plucked. Naturally, cosmetics brands have been quick to use this unique quality of the fl ower and the Provencal beauty brand L’Occitane has always been at the forefront.

L’Occitane is now relaunching its Immortelle Divine collection with a brand new formula that has a higher concentration of Immortelle essential oil. The all new collection now has two

new novelties, namely the Divine Cleansing Balm and Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream that reveals exquisitely clean and iilluminated skin. L’Occitane has also taken the famous Divine youth oil, cream and serum and enriched them with even more age-defying Immortelle essential oil. All to give you visibly transformed, youthful and radiant skin.

In its new regalia, the Divine collection embodies the shape of the Immortelle fl ower it gets its powers from. And its elegant form and pale yellow color give you a burst of Mediterranean sunshine before you even open the bottle.

Effectively dissolves all traces of make-up while gently cleansing skin of impurities and pollution. Enriched in immortelle essential oil, it leaves skin brighter and softer.

Forms a ‘cushion’ between the skin and the fi ngers, when applied to the face, to cleanse the face without drying or damaging the skin.

Fights against visible signs of ageing being highly concentrated in immortelle essential oil, to make your complexion brighter and more even toned, and your skin radiant.



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