Anton Chekov said that people don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy. Correct as the great playwright may be in his assessment of the human condition, The Luxury Collection cannot but take note as the season imperceptibly glides from spring to summer, no matter how blithe our spirits.

So, the temperatures are rising and, in India, it is vacation time as well. In this issue we celebrate summer and give you a few pointers as to how you can best beat the heat. A pool at home may just be what the doctor ordered, when that sudden yearning to splash about seizes you. If a vacation is your chosen remedy, then Japan will well repay a visit. They are still in the tail end of spring, so you’ll get to enjoy some fi ne weather as well, not speak of some unique culinary experiences. Another counter-intuitive plan would be to vacation in Rajasthan and in royal splendor no less. The Taj Umaid Bhavan Palace presents a vacation experience so regally opulent that Chekov’s words may well come true!

We also feature the summer collections of various brands, which are vanishing from the shelves even as you are reading this. Time to lighten up that wardrobe and get that cool, breezy bearing that keeps you looking your chic, debonair best even in the sweltering heat.

Enjoy the summer and may the only clouds that come into your life be those that shield you from the sun.