Prakshi Fine Jewellery – a kaleidoscope of endearing contrasts


The words economics and jewellery design don’t really sit well together. In fact, they sound almost oxymoronic. The former draws visions of earnest academicians, cold numbers, pie charts and bar graphs; the latter that of glam dolls, bridal fi nery, sparkling bling and all things luxuriously beautiful. Well, let us introduce you to one personality who combines these apparently confl icting disciplines. Meet Prakshi Sharma, the Economics major, who runs her own eponymous award winning brand, Prakshi Fine Jewellery.

Prakshi says she strayed into jewellery design accidentally and fell in love with it at once. Following her heart, she headed out to the Big Apple to learn the fi ner nuances of jewellery design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Having thus been exposed to international design aesthetics and sensibilities, she recognized the need and the market for chic and contemporary ready-to-wear, fi ne jewellery in India. And the outcome was Prakshi Fine Jewellery.

Prakshi’s design ethos is to create unique pieces of jewellery with timeless aesthetics and universal appeal. In this she is aided by her Indian upbringing which allows her to blend and juxtapose multiple cultural sensibilities to synthesise new aesthetic paths. Her training in New York added a new dimension to this tapestry and each of her creations facilitates the complete exploration of the skill and innovation of the Indian craftsmen fused with modern day aesthetics. In many ways, Prakshi’s jewellery is refl ective of the style and era in which we live. Her muses run the inspirational gamut, simultaneously capturing the verve and vitality of natural elements through the enigmatic mysteries of the cosmos. With beautiful designs and carefully handcrafted pieces for both men and women, Prakshi provides adornment for everyday wear as well as ornate heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.

Starting as a single, by appointment only, point of sale in New Delhi, Prakshi Fine Jewellery is today an international brand with stock presence in more than three countries. Prakshi’s creations not only rub shoulders with the most highly reputed designers of the world but also outperform them. Prakshi recently won the prestigious Best Bridal Jewellery Design award with her design produced by the industry leader Carolee and displayed at the renowned high street brand Bloomingdales.